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26 Things To Do For Your Business When Things Are Slow

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We all have slow periods in business, and whilst making sales and delivering services and products is where it’s at, having a slow period can be a good thing for giving you some space to work ON your business rather than being caught in the day to day.

Here’s a quick and dirty list of how to keep busy and keep momentum while you are in a quiet patch.


  1. Look at the customer experience that your clients have with you, and customise your supplementary copy so that you can deliver a strong brand experience at every touch point.  Things that can be overlooked are: Auto-responders, Privacy Policies, Footers, Thank you pages (see an example of one of ours here), Meeting confirmation emails, receipts, FAQs.
  2. Finally get your lead magnet and nurture sequence up and running.
  3. Run an online event to help build your list.
  4. Brainstorm 100 blog post ideas, and create a content plan.


Design & Brand

  1. Head over to Pinterest and get jiggy with discovering new colour palettes for your brand. 
  2. Learn a little about colour theory and see if your brand colours and working for you or against you.
  3. Create an infographic to illustrate your process.
  4. Take the Brand Archetype Quiz and see how to develop a more powerful brand
  5. Take the Brand Vibe Quiz to discover your Visual Brand Vibe



  1. Give yourself a website audit and clear away anything that is no longer needed, and fix anything that is broken.
  2. Make a list of resources and tools you use and affiliate link them.  See how we do this here.
  3. Add Google Analytics to your site and see where your traffic is coming from 
  4. Set up heat map tracking on your homepage and sales pages.



  1. Create an Instagram strategy for a month and schedule it   
  2. Create a Facebook Strategy
  3. Create a podcast and record your first 10 episodes
  4. If your list is a bit dead – give it life!  Invite people to disengage, to click on links, to join you somehow, to respond to you.
  5. Experiment with Facebook Lives
  6. Create a challenge (yup – they still work)


Ecourses and Memberships

  1. Get Strategic with an abandon cart sequence 
  2. Create a post purchase upsell  
  3. Create a referral/affiliate program
  4. Create an end of course feedback form and invite students to complete it



  1. Pick three industry peers and become friends with them  
  2. Reach out to podcasters to be interviewed on the thing you want to be known for 
  3. Ask your list a question – and respond!

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