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5 Reasons Why You Need An Online Business Manager

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If you’re in the online business world (which you most likely are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) you probably get told several times a day what you ‘need’ for your business.

Systems, people to outsource to, a virtual assistant, a full time a masseuse, an office happiness animal (actually you should definitely get one of those – perhaps a rabbit? A big fat one with floppy ears?), a 5 year plan and a business coach to say things like ‘You are powerful! You deserve next level success!’ when you’re having a shit day.

As useful as all of those things are, the thing you really need is an online business manager. So what does an online business manager actually do?

Technically? Nothing. Their job is to do nothing on your business. Instead, they focus on delegating and making sure everything gets done.

5 things you can get your online business manager to do for you…

1. Manage projects

If you’re sick of spending your days chasing up work, making sure shit is getting done when you should be working on your actual business, you need an online business manager. Instead of searching through your virtual assistant’s Dropbox folder trying to find the job they were supposed to do this week but didn’t and then having to do the work yourself because you’re on a deadline, your online business manager has already sorted it out. Their job is to make sure your projects/launches run smoothly, everything is done well, and on time so you can get on with what you do best. Not wearing pants and day drinking while watching Judge Judy re-runs at 3 pm in the afternoon. I mean, being a successful online entrepreneur.

2. Manage your team

Have you ever had an employee tell you they need time off, you’ve happily granted it and then totally forgot about it only to send them an angry email about how unreliable they are when they’re in the middle of arranging their aunts funeral? No? Just us then. A business manager would seamlessly take care of this, redistributing their work and you wouldn’t even know they had time off. If you think about traditional businesses, I can guarantee that Lorna Jane and Harvey Norman don’t do the roster for their businesses so you shouldn’t be doing it for yours.

3. Manage admin

If you’re in a place in your business where you don’t want to try new operating systems that might make your life so much easier because you don’t have the time to teach everyone on your team how to use it, that’s what a business manager is for. Not only can they organise the implementation of said operating system but they can teach you and your team to use it. Time saver right?

4. Manage revenue

Have you ever had anyone ask you what your last quarter revenue was and you answered ‘Good… I think…’. If you’ve totally lost the plot with your finances and you have no idea what’s working and what’s not because you’re knee deep in what you do best, an online business manager can sort that out for you. They can make sure the incomings exceed the outgoings and that each person you pay is definitely worth it to your business.

5. Manage your website

Some people think that building a website is like building a house. You put up four walls, chuck the roof on, and it lasts 50 years. Sadly this isn’t the case with websites that need constant updating and monitoring. An online business buddy of ours once told us she didn’t make any money for 9 days and didn’t even notice. When she finally saw she realised it was because she’d forgotten to update a plugin. That simple mistake cost her thousands of dollars and could have been caught if she had an online business manager whose job it is to make sure plugins are relevant and to notice if revenue slows down.

Think you don’t need an online business manager? Here’s an ebook outlining all the reasons why you definitely need one and how to use one to grow your business to crazy new heights.

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