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5 Ways To Tell If You’re A Jester Archetype

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Have you ever looked at businesses in general and thought ‘Where the frock is all the personality???’

Many business experts will suggest playing it safe with business branding and copywriting which makes most businesses blend into one big, monotonous sea of tame sales copy and lame branding.

If you get way too excited when you see a brand with personality (like Nudie juice) you need to do our brand archetype quiz. This is the over-arching personality of your brand and what it is you want to communicate with your customers.

There are 12 different Brand Archetypes. Healer, Rebel, Alchemist, Innocent, Explorer, Everyman, Hero, Jester, Lover, Sage, Queen and Creator.

Let’s take a closer look at the Jester Archetype… since you probably already think you are one of those.

1. You’re at your best when you’re making other people happy

This makes you sound a bit like Mary Poppins, but Jesters are a touch edgier than that. Think Samantha Bee or Hamish Blake – just because you bring light and laughter into the room doesn’t mean you don’t have substance. Jesters are smart, witty and they bloody love to make people laugh. This is your greatest strength, and you should use it often. Hot tip: Jesters usually try to squash this part of their personality due to societal pressures and feeling like you need to ‘run a serious business’. Laughter and play are in short supply in the business world so be the silly sausage you are. It will be like a breath of fresh air, and you’ll attract the right kind of customers for your business if you choose joy over mediocrity. You don’t want customers who don’t think farts are funny do you? Didn’t think so.

2. You’re like Tinkerbell – you die without applause

You like it when people tell you how awesome you are, but you already knew that. Everyone loves being adored, it’s just human nature, but one of the significant drawbacks of being a Jester is that sometimes you get a little bit too hung up on seeking praise all the time. The best way to remedy this is to remember that just because people aren’t giving you constant fantastic feedback doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it. Also, not being adored isn’t the end of the world. That concept is enough to send a Jester into a shame spiral, eating whipped cream straight from the can on the kitchen floor and wailing ‘WHY DOESN’T ANYBODY LOVE ME???’ but the truth is lots of people do think you’re awesome (especially if you’re a Jester) but not everyone will always love you. The sooner you come to terms with that, the easier it will be to run your business.

3. It’s pretty safe to say your secondary archetype is the Creator

Most people have two to three archetypes, and Jesters and Creators generally go hand in hand. Jesters with a secondary Creator archetype are full of energy and love getting involved and making stuff. If you often get invited to parties because you ‘make things fun’ or if you have friends who invite you to events because you’re a ‘good at everyone involved’ you’re probably a Jester/Creator. Which is great for you because that combo is one of the most well-liked and successful combos of all the archetypes. People just love you and want to give you money. How awesome is that?

4. You’re no powder puff

One major drawback of being a Jester is that sometimes people don’t take you seriously because you’re joking all the time or making light of serious situations. Most of the time this will just be people who don’t understand your brand – in which case they can bugger off and buy stuff from Serious Samantha or Boring Barry. If it’s your valued customers though – that’s an issue. Be yourself, be charming, be sparkly and funny but remember you’re running a business and people need to know that you know what you’re doing. Here’s a little formula that might help Jesters with their online messaging. Informative sentence, informative sentence, funny sentence. Repeat. Whenever you write anything, follow that formula, and you’ll never run the risk of someone thinking you’re a jolly idiot. For inspo follow Zoe Foster Blake on Instagram. She’s the queen of hilarious, non-invasive sales copy. She’s the ultimate Creator/Jester.

5. You can get paralysed by indecision

Jesters are unbelievably fomo, and this can get them into trouble. Imagine a child who has been offered two big ice cream cones – one vanilla and one chocolate. They can only choose one, but they’re so scared of making the wrong choice they take too long to pick one, and both ice creams melt in front of their eyes. This is the life of the Jester. Tip to remedy this? Remember that there’s no wrong choice and you can’t do everything. Ask a sensible friend to help you make big decisions. They’ll be able to point out the facts to you and make a decision based around those facts – not on based on your Jester-style weird impulses.

Think you might be a Jester? Take our quiz to find out!

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