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5 Ways To Tell If You’re an Everyman Archetype

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What is the Everyman archetype? In a nutshell – it’s the guy or gal next door. Drew Barrymore or Tom Hanks. Likable, relatable. Pisses very few people off. 

What kind of customers flock to the Everyman? People who have a desire to connect and belong which is kind of everyone right? If you’re an Everyman, you make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. This sounds like a very basic superpower but it’s actually your secret weapon. 

The Everyman is a hard worker, driven by honesty, decency and common sense. Think Susan Boyle, Ron Weasley and the show Masterchef. Everyone loves a rags to riches story and that’s exactly what the Everyman provides. 

Most of the other archetypes work on a pedestal system – their customers find them aspirational and want to be like them but they tend to raise them up as untouchable. The secret sauce of the Everyman is their ability to show everyone how ordinary people can be extraordinary. Just an Average Jane, doing her best.  

The thing that makes you great is your accessibility. You’re ‘just like everyone else’. 

It’s sounding all a bit boring isn’t it? The Everyman archetype is so much more than a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal. I promise. 

First things first – this is a Brand Archetype quiz that will tell you exactly what your business vibe is and how you can use this information to stay on brand and create the most authentic version of your offering. 

There are 12 different Brand Archetypes. Healer, Rebel, Alchemist, Innocent, Explorer, Everyman, Hero, Jester, Lover, Sage, Queen and Creator.


  1. Your achievements are like, totally inspirational 

Because you’re just like everyone else, your achievements are extra special. No one can relate to the offspring of millionaires becoming millionaires themselves or genetically blessed people making careers out of modelling. It’s fun to look at it but it’s not particularly inspiring. Being beautiful or rich isn’t within the control of most people so we’re really all looking for a realistic idol. Someone like us. 

The Everyman gives their followers hope. Your greatest gift to your followers is to show them how you can rise from mediocrity and be a success. 

Hot tip: Share your challenges and your struggles. Anything that makes you more human and more relatable will get your customers showing the fiercest of loyalty towards you. Think along the lines of Barack Obama, arguably the most famous Everyman of all. He’s relatable, he’s friendly, he came from modest beginnings and rose to do something no man had done before. Plus he’s rad – who doesn’t want to hang out with Obama? And his fabulous wife? 

  1. You’re a Camry not a Jaguar

Jags are great – they’re flashy and fancy and you look super cool in them BUT they’re notoriously unreliable. They’re expensive to fix and if it’s a vintage Jag the parts alone will send you broke. 

What about Camrys? No one looks at a Camry when it drives down the street. Camry’s aren’t fun and sexy. But when you’re old and you’re telling your kids about all the cars you’ve ever owned you’ll speak fondly of the Camry you had for 20 years that never broke down and only cost a couple of hundred dollars every year for a service. 

Be a Camry. Fond nostalgia is your currency. Embrace it. Reliable, hard working, good value for money. What’s not to love? 

Hot tip: Everyman archetypes can fall into the trap of playing the victim quite easily. Definitely share your struggles and your experiences with overcoming adversity but try to avoid turning every social share into a woe-is-me pity party. 

  1. Your work ethic is unsurpassed 

Of all the archetypes, no one works harder than the Everyman. You have a focus and drive that is inexhaustible and your audience loves you for it. 

Hot tip: Talk about how hard you work. The type of customers you’re trying to attract are not impressed by effortless success. 

  1. Your keyword is ‘likeable’ 

I know, it’s not flashy or fancy but it’s solid and more importantly profitable. 

The Everyman gets off on being liked so it’s important to remember that it’s physically impossible to be liked by everyone, even if you’re very, very likable. Keep this in mind as the Everyman can struggle with negative feedback. 

Hot tip: Avoid being too formal. Keep your language light and conversational. Your ideal customer wants to feel like they’re having a beer with you at the pub, not having premarital counseling through their local church. 

This is where you can be a jovial, straight shooter and add a bit of colour to your branding just remember to always be inclusive. It’s your strongest selling point. 

  1. Avoid falling into the ‘But I’m boring!’ trap 

You are not boring. Just because you’re sensible, friendly, empathetic and warm doesn’t make you boring. It makes you a very excellent human being and even better, a very profitable human being. 

Did you know that Labradors have been the number 1 popular bog breed in America for the last 26 years? You know why? Labradors are brilliant dogs. They’re intelligent, sensible, trainable, friendly and reliable. The Everyman is the Labrador of the business archetype world and what an excellent thing that is. 

Pretty sure you’re an Everyman Archetype but you want to make sure?

Want to know what your archetype is? Take our quiz to find out!

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