Amy Tay-Kab

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz


If the world was to elect a mother of all mothers, we would vote for Amy Taylor-Kabbaz. As an avid researcher and matrescence activist, she’s the woman you want to know when motherhood is on your mind.

Amy specializes in supporting women through the process of rediscovering themselves as mothers, and when she came to us with a website project in mind, we just couldn’t wait to bring this baby to life.

the brand

Every new mother craves a little quiet time for herself, and that's exactly the vibe we aimed to create through Amy's branding. We combined gentle textures from nature with the boldness of a dusky orange to craft a branding package with equal measures of softness and strength.

Throw in an emblematic hand-drawn logo, and you've got a look fit for a best-selling author/journalist/podcaster/mama extraordinaire.

Seriously, there's nothing this woman can't do.

ATK – Brandboard Final

the website

Fitting all of Amy's work on motherhood and matrescence into just one URL was a challenge, and one we couldn't wait to take on.

We gave her message and each of her services its own space on the menu, with beautifully built-out pages for her articles, podcast episodes, programs, and resources.

A few (read: a LOT) more hand-drawn icons later, Amy's online home was ready to launch.

The end result is more than just a website - it's a self-discovery zone for women and mothers everywhere, and once they find it, they won't ever want to leave.


let’s get this show

on the road.

We'd love to chat with you about how we can create an online presence that you’re truly proud of, how we can help you make the impact you want to make, and what parts of your creative to-do list we can take off your plate.

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