Ecstatic Birth

Sheila Kamara-Hay, Birth Activist and Business Woman

Ever look at your digital business environment and feel like everything is a complete mess?  Sheila did, and at the recommendation of her mentor, brought us in as her Dream Team to help her sort it out.

the brand

As part of the Dream Team, Sheila asked us to create beautiful, embodied branding for her brand that was polished and inviting to women.

FO - Portfolio - Sheila Moodboard

the website

When Sheila originally got in touch - she had 4 or so websites on the go.  Over time we consolidated into one cohesive and beautiful place, and even though it's still a work in progress, the simplicity of having everything in one place means that Sheila's messaging is more cohesive, the user experience is better and Sheila isn't as stressed launching and promoting her offers.

the collateral


These layouts are used for workbooks, events, and social media.

Hot tip: If you have the option of getting a collateral package with your design, do it.

It makes everything look totally cohesive and professional. 100% worth it.

EB - O Baby Mockup V02
EB - Pleasure reBirth Icons V3-04

let’s get this show

on the road.

We'd love to chat with you about how we can create an online presence that you’re truly proud of, how we can help you make the impact you want to make, and what parts of your creative to-do list we can take off your plate.

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