Fiona Lukeis


You know what Fiona does?

She basically makes you a better person. She helps couples, individuals and people in business form better relationships. It’s something that you don’t know you need help with until you stumble upon someone like Fiona and BAM – she’s there with bells on to help.

We love ALL our clients (even the bananas ones!) but we really relish the opportunity to work with clients who have a strong message and a clear program. Like Fiona.

the brand

When designing for people who work in the mental health/counselling space, the use of colour and texture is very important.

Soothing blues in azure and aqua evoke the calmness of a still body of water (at least we hope it does!). Splashes of honey yellow add a delightful touch of optimism in the calm sea of blue.

We kept the textures soft and inviting - like clouds and soft tissue paper.

Fonts were kept simple and elegant. Like a classic string of pearls worn with a red lip.

FL – Brandboard V04-01

the website

We never have clients come to us and say 'Make my website REALLY busy and complicated. I want my customers to be confused AND annoyed!' and Fiona was no different.

We stuck to our signature clean design and easy navigation so clients can find what they're looking for immediately.

Strong CTAs right on the homepage mean Fiona's customers are a click away from getting what they want. Simple. Functional. Like a Volvo.

the membership

Fiona’s membership site is home to her course “Relateable”, where each of the modules can be found laid out in sections. The site as a whole has been designed with a sense of order and grounding, while her trademark combination of turquoise and gold brings a touch of warmth to the minimalist style.

Warm, lighthearted, approachable, AND professional? Check!

let’s get this show

on the road.

We'd love to chat with you about how we can create an online presence that you’re truly proud of, how we can help you make the impact you want to make, and what parts of your creative to-do list we can take off your plate.

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