Flourish & Thrive Academy


Have you met Tracey? She’s a jewellery designer, entrepreneur, podcast host and boss of Flourish and Thrive Academy.

She teaches other jewellery designers how to have businesses that, well, flourish and thrive.

She helps her clients figure who their ideal customer is, how to design for them, how to find them and how to sell to them. What a bloody brilliant business idea.

Keep reading to see what we did for Tracey…

the brand

It's no secret that we love jewel tones around these parts so when our client is an actual jeweller it would be rude not go down the ruby, emerald, lapis path. When in Rome hey?

With accents of gold and white marble, we wanted a clean, geometric theme for this site.

Graphically we went with diamonds darling because they truly are a girl's best friend.

F&TA - Moodboard-01

the website

Website wise we had a lot to consider for Flourish and Thrive. Tracey has multiple offerings and different target customers for each of these offerings so we needed to find a concise way of categorising her content so it's easy to use for her clients.

We put together a programs page where potential customers can easily find what they're after.

We also concentrated on making Flourish and Thrive's landing page as vibrant and concise as possible so potential customers know why they're there and what Tracey can do for them.

the membership

Did you know that membership sites are our specialty?

Online course growth is HUGE right now (we don't have exact figures but it's what we spend most of our time doing these days!) so if you're in the market to create a membership site, we're the team you need.

For Tracey (multiple offerings/multiple clientele) we put together a visual map of her courses to make it easier for her customers to click those tasty buy buttons.

the collateral


With so many offerings and such a diverse business, we had to create some collateral for Tracey.

These layouts are used for workbooks, downloadables, events, and networking.

Hot tip: If you have the option of getting a collateral package with your design, do it.

It makes everything look totally cohesive and professional. 100% worth it.

F&T - Thrive By Design Podcast Iphone Mockup 2022
F&T - Case Study Mockups

happy endings.


Ellissa Jayne and her team are the best! Her calm “can-do” attitude, brilliant design and quick turnaround have made her an invaluable asset to our team. Not only does she create beautifully branded design, but she’s focused on our overall business strategy & marketing outcomes which has helped us increase our conversions and scale our growth.


Tracy Matthews

let’s get this show

on the road.

We'd love to chat with you about how we can create an online presence that you’re truly proud of, how we can help you make the impact you want to make, and what parts of your creative to-do list we can take off your plate.

Img 01

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