The Globe and Mail Centre

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The Globe and Mail Centre or (GAMC as we call it in the office) was an unusual client for us.

We tend to work more with individuals so we were stoked when one of the most beautiful events spaces in Toronto wanted to work with us. (Not half as excited as our Degrassi High obsessed copywriter who wanted to know if anyone at GAMC has met Joey Jeremiah.)

Here’s what we did for The Globe and Mail Centre.

the brand

When we work with our clients we like to REALLY get to know them - their website is an extension of themselves.

But could we do that for a building? Mission Accepted.

The Globe and Mail Centre is not only the home of Toronto's Globe and Mail it's also a breathtaking event center for conferences, parties and weddings.

Our theme word for this design was 'sleek'. Black, white and gold create a sophisticated palette and we used classy marble and gold in-lay textures to really hone in on that luxurious theme.


the website

Most of our website design jobs are relatively uncomplicated - this one? It was a BIG job.

With several different rooms, just as many package options, at least ten staff - there were LOTS of moving parts with this re-design.

We created a seamless website with intuitive menus so customers could easily find what they were looking for without getting lost.

the membership

Her gorgeous membership platform is the love child of AccessAlly, Wordress, Active Campaign, Beaver Builder and some ninja design chops.

let’s get this show

on the road.

We'd love to chat with you about how we can create an online presence that you’re truly proud of, how we can help you make the impact you want to make, and what parts of your creative to-do list we can take off your plate.

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