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Five Ways to Know you are ready to go Pro with your website.

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1)  You’re doing the Website Walk of Shame.

Signs:  You’re avoiding sending your clients to  your website due to embarrassment.  What started as a DIY adventure has turned into a DIY disaster, and you don’t know what to fix, or how.  

2)    Its a time drain, costing you time and money.

Signs:  A quick 5 min fix has turned into hours googling fix it tips.  You’re spending time “fixing things” on your website, when you should be out working with clients.  You’re buying plugins, subscriptions to apps and new themes in a desperate attempt to get your website back on track. 

3)     It doesn’t represent you anymore.

Signs: It screams AMATEUR when you’re really a professional.  The colours, photos, fonts and content are for a business that you ran 2 years ago, and you’ve changed.  You’ve levelled up but your website is stuck in the past, man.

4)    You’re not treating her as she should be treated.

Signs:  You haven’t made any updates in months.  You cant remember your log in details.  Things done look right.  Your website should be your number one employee.  She works 24 hours a day for you, enabling you to run your online business.  

5)  The thought of your website makes you feel gross.

Signs:  You’re avoiding blogging, avoiding advertising, avoiding sending clients there, avoiding talking about your website.  Everytime you think about your website you want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers.

Recognise any of these symptoms?  Don’t fret, you’re not alone.  No one stays at a DIY level forever.  No business stays the same.  It’s  time for you to level up and step into your WOW.

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