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5 Ways To Tell if You’re A Healer Archetype

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Have you ever stumbled across a brand who are just ON IT? Like every part of the customer experience is so bang on, it kind of makes you hate them a little bit? Like Go To Skin Care with all their cute, quirky copy and Apple with their advertisements that look like mini Oscar-winning films? Or Frank Body who just make you want to be naked and smeared in coffee grounds all the time?

You may think you need a big budget and a marketing expert to be able to do those kinds of things right?


All you need to know is your brand archetype. The over-arching personality of your brand and what it is you want to communicate with your customers.

There are 12 different Brand Archetypes. Healer, Rebel, Alchemist, Innocent, Explorer, Everyman, Hero, Jester, Lover, Sage, Queen and Creator.

Let’s start with Healer Archetype… here’s how to tell if that’s you.

1. Caring for others is your Beyonce

You can have more than one archetype but if you cry through every episode of Call The Midwife, can’t walk past a homeless person on the street without giving them $20 or have more than one rescue dog, it’s pretty safe to say you’re a healer. Making people feel well and whole is your primary source of joy. Healers bring warm, light and safety into the lives of everyone they meet. What a beautiful person you are!

2. Your heart is your biggest asset

You might be a fantastic writer, a kick-ass designer or a brilliant manager but your most significant asset is without a doubt your heart. Most healers already know this (because their hearts are HA-UGE and it’s hard work carting around a heart the size of a rhino) but if you DIDN’T already know how big your blood-pumper is, unlocking this vital piece of information is about rock your world. Once you know that your superpower is your warm, loving, super-soft, kitten-filled heart you can dominate your industry. With love and hugs of course.

3. You kind of suck at self-care

Everything that goes up must go down, and even though being a Healer is one of the most giving and beautiful archetypes you can be, there’s a downside to every archetype. Healers are quite rubbish at taking care of themselves (but you probably already knew that right?). A Healer will spend the better of the day helping other people. Making chicken soup for their sick neighbour, listening to a distraught friend on the phone for an hour or running errands for literally anyone who asks you. This results in you being exhausted, eating poorly, not making time for exercise and generally being a sad panda. Sound familiar? One of the most significant issues that Healers face is ignoring their own needs over the needs of others. If you’re a Healer, you need to keep this in check. Mainly because you’ll be so much better at Healing people if you’re in good health yourself. Makes sense right?

4. You’re super bad at saying no

It’s the number 1 Terrible Trait of a Healer. Here’s what happens when someone asks ‘Can you help me?’.

Your Brain – ‘I really don’t have time for this, but I really want to help. Maybe I can squeeze it in this afternoon? What will happen if I say no? Will they be able to find someone else to help? Probably not. I really better help them… they really need some support today. Maybe I could say no first and then say yes later when I have more time?’

Your mouth – ‘Yes. Always.’

Your brain – ‘SHUT UP MOUTH!’

It’s super tricky for Healers to do this but it really is okay to say no. Reading that made you throw up in your mouth a little but I promise it’s true. The world is not going to implode if you stop helping every single person who asks. Why not try only helping only close friends and family for a while to give yourself time to recover? Healers can sometimes be taken advantage of so tightening the circle of people you’ll help out can lessen your load.


5. You’re a god damn modern day Florence Nightingale (without the nursing training. Obviously.)

Burn-out aside, Healers are lovely, beautiful people and the world would be a less excellent place without them. Healers can create light and warm wherever they go, and they have the innate ability to make people feel whole again. This is such a gift for a business owner – if you make a customer feel well and nourished, they’ll be yours for life. Just make sure you learn how to tell people to get stuffed if they’re taking advantage of you.

Want to know what your archetype is? Take our quiz to find out!

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