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5 Ways To Make More Money With Your Sales Page

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Online entrepreneurs often assume that more products on their sales page = more money. And while this can be true, it’s usually much easier just to sell more of the thing you already have.

Remember when you were a kid and you walked into a lolly shop (or candy store for anyone in the US) and lost your freaking mind because there were too many options? You’d spend a solid 20 minutes trying to decide between sour gummy worms and a lollypop with bubble gum in the middle while your mother impatiently tapped her foot outside the door. You’d leave clutching this white paper bag, already regretting your choices.  Being a kid was weirdly stressful sometimes.

Remember getting ice cream from the ice cream truck? It was a much less painful experience. Soft serve in a cup or cone, with chocolate dip or without. When there are fewer decisions to make, the satisfaction level is much higher, and there’s less chance of FOMO (fear of missing out) which equals satisfied consumers.

So rather than busting your ass trying to come up with new products and ideas all the time, let’s just focus on selling the thing you already have and give your sales page a full make-over. Like an Oprah make-over, except without all the crying and free cars.

Here are a few ways to make more money on your sales page.

1. Use relatable language you dingus!

Boring language is boring. That sounds really obvious, but most sales pages are total yawn factories. If a potential customer clicks on your sales page reads this…

‘Value. Opportunity. Return on investment. Advantage. You.’

They’re going to be confused and bored. The customer is probably going to think you’re a bit of a tosser as well. It can be really easy to fall down the rabbit hole of copywriter style ‘sales speak’, but it’s not what’s going to get you sales.

It’s getting harder to get people to click the buy button these days because we’re more discerning and we’ve also got boredom blindness. Something has to be pretty amazing before we’ll pay attention to it.

Use relatable language and be colloquial. Talk to your customers as if they’re your mates and you’ve had one too many pints down at the pub. Yes, you will lose some customers, but they’re the wrong kind of customers. Your friendly copy will attract the right ones who want to engage with your brand.

Here is an excellent example of relatable language from Bombshell Bay Swimwear.

sales page

Caught your attention didn’t it?

2. Flog your results

Show what you can do. If you’re a fitness instructor, show people before and after photos of your clients and how you whipped them into shape. If you’re an online business coach, show results of how you increased your client’s monthly profits. Use graphs and really spell it out. Words are a bit useless here; customers want to see numbers.

This is an example that Melyssa Griffin uses for her List Surge Course. A customer posted this in her Facebook group, and it’s amazing proof of what her course can deliver.

sales page

3. Show your customers EXACTLY what they get when they buy your product or service

You know those incredibly irritating infomercials where they show you all the stuff you get when you ‘buy right now’?

‘If you buy right now you get not one, but two mops and that’s not all, you get a mop bucket, two bottles of cleaning liquid AND as an added bonus we’ll throw in a dusting cloth and five labrador puppies!’

These ads work because there’s a visual list of what the customer will get. They can see every item, every item is labelled and the price is right there on the screen. Ambiguous sales pages can make people feel like they’re about to get scammed.

Use an image or graphics to show exactly what your customer is getting.

Here’s an example from an online course for Craftsy. Everything is labelled, so you know exactly what you’re getting, and there’s even a money back guarantee.

sales page

4. Get naked

Not literally (although I’m quite sure that would work if you’re up for it), but show your qualifications. How many times have you seen a ‘business guru’ selling their ‘expertise’ by claiming they’ve built multiple ‘million dollar businesses’ and when you do some research on them all you can find is an album they recorded in their basement in 1994 and an unhealthy amount of entries in a Zelda chatroom.

Be honest with your customers. Show them what you’ve done, show your training and show how qualified you are to be teaching or selling them the thing you’re selling.

Like Marie Forleo. She’s super honest about her past. She was an aerobics and dance instructor, wrote a book about dating in 2008 and built up an email list in the early 2000s coaching people on their businesses. She also used to be a waitress and she’s now one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. Customers love honesty and relatability.

5. Give a money back guarantee

Online entrepreneurs rarely offer money back guarantees but they really should. For a start, they remove the purchase barrier. Many consumers are terrified of wasting money so if they have that option; they’re more likely to hand over their credit card. You can also offer the money guarantee for a limited time frame like seven days. Most entrepreneurs who provide money back guarantees rarely have to refund people.

Speaking of which, if your website or sales page needs some loving, we’ve got some mighty lonely developers on our team who’d be happy to get cosy with your online presence…


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