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Personality Quiz Maker: Why TryInteract Is The Bees Knees

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So have you ever tried to make your own quiz for your business?

Did one of the following things happen?

1. You downloaded a free quiz maker software package, but it was SUPER buggy and looked like a vision impaired chimp had designed it

2. You paid money for a Wordpress plugin, installed the whole thing, created the quiz and then realised at the last minute the damn thing doesn’t integrate with Infusionsoft or Ontraport

3. You paid money for a Wordpress plugin that you KNOW integrates with Infusionsoft and Ontraport, but you need a degree in coding to use the quiz builder software. After Googling every single step, you totally lose your shit and abandon the idea of a quiz altogether

You COULD just let it go but the thing is, quizzes are so unbelievably valuable in attracting and getting customers. Want to know why? Because self-actualisation is just too tempting. Everyone wants to know more about themselves, and everyone wants a way to confirm he or she is indeed a very special snowflake, unlike any other. If you can confirm this for your customers, you will win them over, possibly for life.

Your business quiz doesn’t have to be the result of four years of intensive psychological research; it just has to tell your customers something (positive) about themselves and divide them into a category that helps you suggest the best product you have on offer based on their needs.

Sounds super simple but the implementation of a useful quiz can be a nightmare. Of all the quiz building software tools I’ve used, TryInteract is the best.

Here’s why.

1. It has an excellent user interface

Unless you’re a designer, it can be difficult to articulate why a good user experience is so significant. For example, have you ever used Snapchat? If you’ve used it very sporadically, became unbelievably frustrated every time you use it and then given up on it entirely, then you my friend have had a bad user experience. Snapchat has one of the most unintuitive user interface systems of any large scale app.

This is why TryInteract is the best personality quiz maker. It’s straightforward to set up the quiz to get results, and it also effortlessly integrates with Ontraport. Which sounds like it should be a given, but based on other personality quiz maker software systems, this doesn’t seem to be a priority for them.

personality quiz maker

2. The lower price tier integrates with Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the most popular mailing services, so a seamless integration with them is essential. Active Campaign is exceptionally easy to use, and there are rarely any issues connecting other software to them.

3. Ability to tag based on the answer, or result

Personality quiz makers that don’t have tagging abilities are just baffling. What’s the point in running a quiz if you can’t tag the results and then retarget them? For example, if you run an aromatherapy business, and you have a quiz that leads people to symptom results like Tired, Stressed, Can’t Sleep or Low Energy you want the ability to be able to tag the Tired results and then retarget those people to get them to buy your oil package that specifically targets tiredness. You can also tag to Ontraport which makes sending emails to hot customers a breeze. Also, I don’t mean hot like Chris Hemsworth hot; I mean hot like ready-to-buy hot. Targeting physically attractive customers isn’t often very useful, FYI.

personality quiz maker

4. Pretty analytics

If you’re an analytics nerd (aren’t we all just a little bit?), you’ll love the analytics that TryInteract provide. If you’re a fan of any software that displays important information in a way a 5 year could understand, you’re going to love this. It’s simple to interpret so you can make the necessary changes to get the most out of your quiz and turn your specifically targeted audience into high-value conversions. *insert evil laugh here*

personality quiz maker

5. GDPR compliant

Which is obviously great (yay for following the law!) but this is also annoying as it means people can skip over your lead capture at the end. This just means it’s essential to give excellent value resources and also have a lead capture on the results page. There’s a legal workaround for everything!

6. Able to redirect to your own pretty landing pages

One of my pet hates with asset creation is when software providers make you use their own awful landing page design. With TryInteract, you can redirect to your own landing page, so you’re not stuck using a weird template that’s not on brand for you.

In short? If you’re thinking of using a quiz to capture your audiences’ attention (and you should be!) use TryInteract. It’s just so much easier to get it right the first time.


PS:  These TryInteract links are affiliate links – we only ever refer our clients to products we use (and love) ourselves.


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