Ep 2: How to Strengthen Your (Brand) Core

How to Strengthen Your (Brand) Core 

When you think about it, branding is kind of like dating. 

We’re all drawn to a pretty face and a fashionable outfit, the digital equivalent being a strong social presence and gorgeous web design…

But those true soulmate customers – the ones you want more of a long-term thing with? 

They’re looking for something a little deeper. 

And when they eventually get over the sheer fabulousness of your online look, they’ll want to know whether your values line up with theirs.

They’ll want to know that you’re passionate about what you do, because without passion, no relationship or project is ever quite as strong as it could be. 

Essentially, they’ll want to know whether you’re long-term material. You wouldn’t want someone to fall in love with your exterior only to get to the core of who you are and think *meh* (or report you to the Internet Police for catfishing). 

That’s where a strong core comes in handy, but not the kind you go to the gym for – the kind formed from the answers to a few key branding questions – and the good news is that you can build and rebuild it as many times as you like. 

Learning to live your values is a process of strengthening and communicating them, and once you have that branding six-pack, you’ll be connecting with ideal customers faster than they can say “you look even better than your profile picture”. 

In this episode of How To Flourish Online, we’ll dive into the process of discovering your values and using them to connect with the customers you really want to reach. 

So what’s this conversation really about? 

  • The five elements of your brand foundation
  • Why every branding job should begin with your core values 
  • The link between your values and your emotions 
  • How to use your brand values as a tool for community connection

Why you should listen 

Defining and embracing your core values is the key to starting strong with your branding and making an amazing first impression on your ideal customer. Whether you’re starting from scratch or thinking about a new look, this episode will help you get the basics right.  



You can quote me on that…

“Your brand isn’t defined by you alone. It’s defined by how others see you, and by the emotional connection that they develop with your actions and your words.” – Ellissa Nagle

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