Ep 5: How to Grow a Team and Not Die Trying

Every entrepreneurial adventure begins its life as a dream – the kind that wakes you up at 3:12 am on a Wednesday and sends you running for your “Big Ideas” notepad. 

The thing about big ideas is that they’re often made up of lots of different pieces, and getting those pieces together all at once is kind of like getting a class of restless kindergarten students to smile for a photo. 

In short, it’s tough. 

The thing is, that dream can quickly devolve into a nightmare when you realise that you can’t possibly get everything done on your own. 

Once you’re tired of drowning in the list of things you never quite get around to, the hunt for a new team member becomes more of a desperate, clawing scavenger hunt. 

And when you get to that point of exhaustion and overwhelm, you won’t be in the best place to hire the right person, let alone keep the rest of your business running. 

Combine your growing workload with your too-small team, and what do you get? 

A tornado of stress and the distinct feeling that you need a paper bag to breathe into – and if there’s anyone who knows a few things about escaping that not-so-natural disaster, it’s Paula Maidens. 

As a business coach with a corporate recruitment background, Paula knows a few things about working with people, building high-functioning teams, and using email sign-offs that don’t sound passive-aggressive. 

On this episode of How To Flourish Online, Paula and I talk through some of the best tornado prevention and exit strategies around.  

What’s this episode really about? 

  • The value in working things out as you go, especially when you’re on your own 
  • How to translate pressure and panic into a plan 
  • Why you should hire slow (and fire fast) 
  • Three different hiring strategies to help you find your perfect match 
  • The first hire every business owner should live by 




Why you should listen 

Hiring a team of people is an expensive, stressful process – and that’s when you get it right. You don’t want to know what happens when you get it wrong, and with a bit of luck (and the tips in this episode), you’ll never have to find out.

You can quote me on that…

“We learn from our own mistakes until we reach a point where we realise that it’s actually stalling our growth and causing us too much stress or grey hair.” – Paula Maidens

“You need to look for proof that the person can actually do what you need them to do. You can’t hire on hope.” – Paula Maidens 

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