Ep 4: Sexy Consistency

If you’ve been here for our last few podcasts and blogs, you’ll know that we like to think of building a brand and interacting with your customers as being sort of like dating. 

And if there’s one thing relationships need, it’s a bit of consistent effort. There are shower drains that need clearing, dinners that need cooking, and a laundry basket that fills up faster than you can say “who put this red top in with the whites?”  

Spoiler alert: if you spend most of the year acting like a weird, vacant version of yourself, one bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day won’t make them forget all of that shiz, and the same goes for your customers. 

You’ll be better off doing little things every day, week, and month that remind them how much you <3 them, because there’s nothing sexier than consistency…right? 

Well, not really. 

The truth is, most of the time, it’s really hard work. Whether you’re cooking dinner for the fifth night in a row or creating Insta posts, blogs, and podcasts, keeping up with your own routine can start to feel a bit like a chore, but there is some good news: 

When you prove that you’re in this for the long haul, your audience will learn to trust and respect you, and they’ll keep coming back every day, week, or month for more content. 

Eventually, they might even show you a little love and consider your offer an essential – and if you ask me, there’s nothing sexier than that. 

In this episode of How To Flourish Online, we’ll dive into the true value of consistent branding and break down our three-step plan for tapping into your brand sex appeal.  

What’s this conversation really about? 

  • Why consistency is so important to your business
  • Creating authentic content 
  • Building a consistent visual brand in three parts 
  • The two essential ingredients for every successful, long-term business venture
  • How to avoid photoshoot freak-outs

Why you should listen 

Consistency is the secret to success in just about any part of your life, and it’s a whole lot easier when you know exactly what you’re doing and why. That’s what this episode is all about – and the three tips inside will be the difference between a hobby and a bonafide business. 



Brand Archetype quiz:  https://flourishonline.com.au/brand-archetype/

You can quote me on that…

“Creating content for your business creates business for your business.” – Ellissa Nagle

“It’s fun to mix it up and get things started and to dream up fun things. It’s not quite as fun to commit to blogging once a week or having daily social content or sending client reports weekly, but it’s those things that develop trust and respect.” – Ellissa Nagle  

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