Flourish Online


THE podcast for female entrepreneurs, course creators, and membership owners who are ready to build the online business of their dreams.


What we’ll chat about...

Behind-the-scenes Online Business Strategies and Techniques from the pros

When you want to build an online business that works, you have two options: you could take cues from a friend or family member who took a course on coding in high school, or you can give yourself a professional edge. Find out what has worked for hundreds of happy clients and use it to elevate your own business.

What it takes to Flourish Online, mentally, emotionally, and practically

The life of an online business owner has its perks - working in your pyjamas, for one - but success begins and ends with hard work. Get our insights into the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of the story, and our advice on how to handle them all.

The core pillars of Flourishing Online and how to keep them solid

Real success in the online world takes a whole lot more than a pretty website (although it helps). We’ll talk about the five core pillars - your brand, business model, presence, community, and leadership style - and how you can fortify them for the future.

Hey there! I’m Ellissa

agency owner, online business strategist, and branding expert.

As the Founder of Flourish Online, I spend my days helping female business owners make their mark online, build businesses that last, and create the lives they dream of.

Flourish Online might be one of the smallest Agencies around, but you know what they say about good things and small packages! We’re driven by a passion for helping women create flexible, meaningful work that leads to a life of wealth and influence - because we believe that you really can have it all. That’s why FO is THE go-to agency for women who want to build an online business in the most creative and engaging way possible.

My superpower is...

Tapping into my clients’ big visions and turning them into beautiful brands that speak for themselves. I’ve been building successful brands and businesses (including my own) since 2009, and I’ve learned a thing or two about transforming “someday” visions into something much more tangible: a brand that brings the right message to the right person at the right time, and looks pretty damn good doing it.

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