we hate lies

& surprises

Actually that's a big lie. We love surprises.

But when it comes to PRICING - let’s all be on the same page. This page!


There’s nothing worse than drooling over someone's services, having a great discovery call ONLY to find out your budget absolutely won’t cover the fee.  So we try to be as upfront and clear on pricing as possible, for 2 reasons:

  1. We don’t want to waste ANYONE’s time. Yours...Ours…
  2. We respect you.  You will never be put into an uncomfortable position where a member of our team is trying to sell you something by asking you .  Empowered women make empowered decisions, so I want you to be armed with the facts before you chat with us.

The nature of design and tech is that every project is different, so please be prepared for some wiggle room on cost once we understand your needs.

We believe in...


That’s why you’ll find our prices clearly displayed.  All the time.  You’ll also get a detailed contract for what exactly is included, and a checklist on handover so nothing gets missed.


So we created a three tier service level to everything we offer.  So whether you are just starting out, getting ready to grow or about to full-on scale, you can work with a professional team.


Here's how you

can work with us:

Dream Team

Ongoing support from our team of experts

Team for a Day

Our Experts on your team for a day - or a week