we hate lies

& surprises

Actually that's a big lie. We love surprises.

But when it comes to SERVICES & PRICING - let’s all be on the same page. This page!


There’s nothing worse than drooling over someone's services, having a great discovery call ONLY to find out your budget absolutely won’t cover the fee.  So we try to be as upfront and clear on pricing as possible, for 2 reasons:

  1. We don’t want to waste ANYONE’s time. Yours...Ours…
  2. We respect you.  You will never be put into an uncomfortable position where a member of our team is trying to sell you something by asking you to pay via credit card on the call before the timer runs out or the price goes up. 
  3. Empowered women make empowered decisions, so I want you to be armed with the facts before you chat with us.  Please review this page, and our services pages before booking a discover call to talk your project over.

The nature of design and tech is that every project is different, so please be prepared for some wiggle room on cost once we understand your needs.

Here's how you

can work with us:

Brand Strategy

You had me at "Hello".

Brand Strategy is where it all begins.

Move in the right direction.  Make the right decisions.  Make people pay attention to you. ...Before you spend thousands on branding and website projects.

A 1:1 brand strategy workshop with Ellissa will get you (and your future projects) on the right path so you can move confidently and creatively into all future phases of your business.

Visual Branding

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

We offer one Branding Package that gives you thousands of possibilities.

Our signature brand package gives you all the essentials you need to launch a brand in the digital landscape.

And best of all?  You get all the files, templates, and a whole kit to fall back on as you build your business.


Your business hub.

Where brand + visual brand + message + offer come to life.

Get a high-converting / high-connecting WordPress website that doesn't look like anyone else's you know!

If you are ready to be seen, to be bold and to be 100% YOU, we're ready to be your website wing ladies.

Membership Platforms

eCourse and Membership sites that give a learning experience.

These days anyone can create an online course.  But not everyone can create a learning experience.

And this is where we come in.  Through striking branding, thoughtful user experience, deep CRM integration and immersive design, we can help you create a show-stopping learning product that positions you as a *real* pro, and gives your student a quality experience.

*Membership sites typically begin at $7000 AUD.  A proposal will be prepared for you following the project discover call.

FO - Team Photo Flip-colour

Inhouse Design Team

Love working with us?  Bring us into your team.

The Flourish Online Dream team can seamlessly slot into your existing business as your in-house design, copy, integrations and development team.

Once you grow to the point you need a team - save yourself the drama and heartache and bring in our ready-made team to your business.

Instead of paying $50K+ per year for a full-time VA or junior designer/copywriter/developer, get a team of experts in your business and leave the HR nightmares, learning curves and Hodge-podge solutions behind!