Get Cristallo clear on your brand’s foundation and future with our…

Brand Clarity


A brand strategy workshop, for Solopreneurs and Small Business owners who want to fast-track radical clarity and craft an impossible-to-resist brand with a branding expert.

Picture it.

You (and your team members + 2-3 key Flourish team members), bolting lightning-fast toward brand clarity with our company founder, Ellissa Nagle*, using our signature Brand Illumination Method to tease out all the fascinating details that make your brand uniquely yours.

You’ll emerge from the Brand Clarity Workshop with celebratory Riesling-ready brand clarity and an Illuminated Brand Strategy Map (customised to your brand). Plus an actionable 12 month ‘Brand Action Plan’ so you can start making major moves ASAP.

*Brand Strategy Workshops are the only way to work 1:1 with Ellissa.

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In a nutshell?

This is the fastest, easiest, most confusionist-free way to get super succinct on why you do what you do, how you do what you do and what makes you ‘weirdly loveable’ (and why that’s your biggest client attractor).

So you can double down on how you do business differently and sell with confidence.

Itching for branding help like...


If you struggle to articulate what your brand does differently so you can stand out…

If you don’t know why people should choose YOU, instead of your competitors,

If you don’t have clarity around your mission, vision or values,

Or you simply feel lost trying to stand out or bring your ideas to fruition and to market…

You need a Brand Strategy.

Just days from now, you’ll:


Have radical clarity in your brand’s why, your vision, your vibe, and everything you need to become a brand that cuts through the Buzzfeed noise and steals the hearts of your ideal audience.


Show up to work, clear, focused and excited because you have precise, actionable steps and a 12-month plan for what to do next in your business and exactly how to flourish.


Have cast-iron confidence in how to talk about and visually represent your brand, so you can bravely launch your new offers and fast-forward your success.

Brand Strategy is where it all begins.

Move in the right direction. Make the right decisions. Make people pay attention to you.

… Before you spend thousands on branding and website projects.

With our Brand Illumination Method, we’ll get you (and your future projects) on the right path so you can feel that happy, satisfying *swish* of things falling into place.

And move confidently and creatively into all future phases of your business.

Our Brand Clarity workshops

are perfect for solopreneurs and Small Business owners who tick any of these boxes:

Hands-on and excited:

You want to be involved in the process.


You want that 12 month action plan so you can pivot with confidence and execute on your goals, fast.


You’ve been in business for more than 2 years.


You’re ready for a complete rebrand - but you want to get it right.  This next phase of your business is about being strategic and making smart decisions.

you are a leader:

You've built a professional career, written a book or created a thriving podcast or online program, and it's time you LOOKED and OPERATED in a more elevated and aspirational way.

Want an expert on your side:

You enjoy the strategy part of your business (but don’t yet understand the nuts and bolts of branding). You need a branding expert to get you the best result, faster.

“You won’t look back,
I promise.”

“The fact you’re reading this means you’ve already won because you’ve found ellissa and her team. Get excited!

Ellissa and her team are magicians. You’ve found them — now let them help you change the way you work. You won’t look back, I promise.”

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The Brand Illumination




Chances are, they just don't know how to find you because your brand is confusing, or you are hiding because you have brand confusion.


Flinging stuff on a wall and hoping it sticks, last minute offers and constant hamster-wheeling in your business is wearing you down.


No more failed creative projects, no more panic investments...knowing your brand strategy means you know what help you need and how to communicate clearly what you need.


Once you know how you are different - illuminating your "weird" is going to attract your perfect clients and fill you up with meaning (and $$$). We’ll delve into the nuances of your brand archetype, including your secondary archetypes, so you know exactly how to love bomb your clients into putting a ring on it forever (while being effortlessly yourself).

“Ellissa and her team are the best!”

“Her calm “can-do” attitude, brilliant design and quick turnaround have made her an invaluable asset to our team. Not only does she create beautifully branded design, but she’s focused on our overall business strategy and marketing outcomes which has helped us increase our conversions and scale our growth.”

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Your brand illumination workshop
comes stacked with

FO - Strategy Sales Page Icons_Brand Illumination Method Portal

Access to the Brand Illumination Method Portal

This portal supports your prep, stores your resources, and is available to you for lyf so you can come back to the materials (inc recordings of the workshops) again and again.

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The Brand Glow Deep Dive Session

Simple homework to complete prior to our workshop, guaranteed to give you major wins just by itself.

FO - Strategy Sales Page Icons_Brand Archetype Discovery

Brand Archetype Discovery

Discover your primary archetype - plus your second (and third) and why these create a truly nuanced and unique brand.

FO - Strategy Sales Page Icons V02_‘Embrace Your Weird’ Brand Workshop

‘Embrace Your Weird’ Brand Workshop (Session 1)

Together, we’ll illuminate your brand with interactive exercises and workshop your brand's deep inner workings.

FO - Strategy Sales Page Icons V02_‘Love Bomb Your Clients’ Workshop

‘Love Bomb Your Clients’ Workshop (Session 2)

Now that we know how to illuminate and embrace your unique brand ‘weird’, let’s dive into who your ideal client is (and their own nuanced Archetype) and how we can love bomb them to make them fall in love with you.

FO - Strategy Sales Page Icons_Illuminated Brand Strategy Map

Your customised Illuminated Brand Strategy Map, yours to take away

There's so much more to branding than just your logo and colours. Your Illuminated Brand Strategy Map is about documenting the heart and soul of your brand (not just the fab accessories).

With this Map, you’ll know exactly what to do next now that you’re super clear on your future. This document is completely customisable and editable so you can make changes as you grow.

FO - Strategy Sales Page Icons_30 day Brand Action Plan

A custom 12 month Brand Action Plan, created by Ellissa specifically for your business.

Spend just two 2-hour workshop sessions with Ellissa (who is delightful company, we might add) on Zoom to get all of the above, plus the confidence and clarity to execute on your bold, audacious vision.

You’re less than ONE week away from radical brand clarity

Here’s how it works

Step 1

Think this is for you?

Hit the ‘Apply’ button and select your call time.

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Step 2

Log into the Brand Illumination Method portal, take the diagnostic test(s), and complete your Brand Glow Session 72 hours prior to the first call.

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Step 3

Show up for your first call (120min) and participate in the ‘Embrace Your Weird’ Brand Workshop. Fill out your Illuminated Brand Strategy Map as you go (you keep this and work on it in the future).

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Step 4

Time for the second call, the ‘Love Bomb Your Clients’ Workshop. Access the call recordings from both Workshops in your Brand Illumination Method portal anytime.

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Step 5

Get a 12 month Brand Action Plan within 2 weeks.

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Walk away from the brand illumination process with

radical confidence in

Your Why: Your founder's passion / the mission that calls you to do this work.
Your Vision: Where you / your brand are headed.
Your Soapbox: What you / your brand stand for.
Your People: Who you / your brand do it for.
Your Love Factor: Why your people love YOU
Your Vibe: How you / your brand do it differently and stand out.

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Meet our founder,

Ellissa Nagle

Ellissa has worked in marketing since 2001, founding Flourish Online in 2014. She is a creative thinker and specialist in the online education and personal branding space.

Her strength is in connecting all the dots and turning dreams into action plans for online entrepreneurs in creative and unique ways. In this workshop she combines her decades of experience to help pivoting and newly established business owners get a shortcut to brand clarity.

We’ve worked with
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“I can honestly say that hiring Flourish Online is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business and that my only regret is not hiring them sooner.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the work they’ve done on developing my brand, building my new website and creating my membership platform, not to mention the ongoing, exceptional service they provide in almost every aspect of my online business.”


Let’s talk investment

Brand Clarity Workshop

$2500 AUD

  • The Brand Illumination Method Portal
  • ‘Embrace Your Weird’ Brand Workshop (Session 1)
  • ‘Love Bomb Your Clients’ Workshop (Session 2)
  • A customisable Illuminated Brand Strategy Map that you can tweak and refine as your grow
  • A custom 12 month Brand Action Plan, created for you by company Founder Ellissa Nagle.

Smart questions you may have about the Brand Clarity Workshop

Is the Brand Clarity Workshop… intense?

For you? Not even a little bit.

For Ellissa? That’s a yes. (Luckily, she’s an expert with two decades of experience).

The only things on your Brand Clarity Workshop to-do list are to log into your Brand Illumination Method Portal, complete the simple homework, and meet Ellissa for two 2-hour Brand Clarity Workshops to spill the tea on everything you dream for your brand and business. 

As we go through the workshop you’ll add to your Illuminated Brand Strategy Map, which will become the foundation of your Brand Express Plan for the next 12 months and beyond. 

Then, you’re free to get back to your biz while we whip up your strategy and action plan.

How does the intimate group experience work?

You’ll book in and attend the workshop in person in our studio in Brisbane, or via Zoom.

You are welcome to invite up to 4 members of you team, and there will be multiple Flourish team members present also.

“Ellissa Nagle and the entire Flourish team have been a dream to work with.”

“When deciding to take my business in a new direction, I received a lot of applications and proposals from designers and developers to build out my new website, funnels, and systems. I ultimately chose Flourish, and they have exceeded every expectation. Ellissa has felt like a partner in the pivot I made, and a core part of that pivot being a success. The Flourish team is exceptional, and I am looking forward to so many more projects to come.”

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If you're ready

to get radical clarity and confidence in your brand, now’s the perfect time to jump in with two feet