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The Personality Test That Will Totally Change The Way You Run Your Business 

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I know that heading was click-baity, but I promise you, it’s true. We’ve put together a personality test for your brand. That sounds a little weird like we’re offering dog astrology, but stay with me. It’s useful and fun, I promise.

It sounds a little quirky but imagine that your brand is a person. A proper sentient being with thoughts, feelings and emotions. What kind of a person is your brand? Silly and funny? Sweet and loving? Adventurous and risky?

If you imagine your brand as a person, it’s much easier to picture the kind of friends (customers) that brand would attract. If you want to know more about our personality test for brand archetypes, keep on reading.


You’re at your best when you’re empowering others to achieve wholeness. Your main motivation in life is to heal and create wellness. You have a compelling vision for how people’s lives could be and your message is inspiring and attainable. You love to nourish, nurture and give people hope for a beautiful future.

You’re the Mother Teresa of the branding world.


You’re at your best when you’re blazing a brand new path for the world. Your motivation comes from turning the established order on its head. You yearn for a world that’s better, free-er and fairer and you won’t stop until you’ve conquered that change. Pushing the envelope, questioning the status quo and relentless energy for whatever cause you’re fighting for are your personality cornerstones and anyone who tries to stop you can get stuffed.

Miley Cyrus is a famous rebel, can you tell?


You’re at your best when you’re developing a vision and living it fully. Your primary desire in life is to facilitate transformation. It’s all about change for you. Positive change, gently pushing people in the right direction and making magic with everything you do.

Alchemists are next level creators and often take the form of pivotal authors like Roald Dahl and J.K Rowling who changed the physical world with their imaginary worlds.


You’re at your best when you’re spreading happiness and optimism. You have the saying ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’ tattooed on your butt. You have an unbridled sense of wonder, simplicity, purity and wholesomeness. Your glass is always half full, you see the good in everyone you meet and your glasses are 100% rose-tinted.

The Body Shop is an excellent example of an Innocent brand. It’s pure, it’s wholesome, and you can introduce it to your grandma.


You’re at your best when you’ve got your business boots on exploring new ideas, fresh frontiers and expanded horizons. You’re driven by the desire for new experiences and adventures. Pushing boundaries, travelling, writing your own rules and treading your path are your trademarks.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a fabulous example of an explorer. If she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll get on a plane/boat/train and find it.


You’re at your best when you’re helping people fit in and feel comfortable. You capture their hearts with your pal-next-door charm. You’re driven by a desire to connect with others and feel like you belong. Fitting in, being relatable and being un-offensive are your superpowers.

An excellent example of the Everyman brand is the TV show Masterchef. It’s accessible; it’s family friendly and super relatable.


You’re at your best when you’re overcoming adversity to make the world a better place. You’re disciplined, focused and strong and you have a burning desire to prove your worth. You love doing big things, kicking huge goals and testing yourself.

Best famous Hero? Serena Williams. Boom. Mike drop.


You are at your best when you’re given (or you take!) a stage to spread joy into the dark corners of the world. You’re motivated by a yearning to play, be funny, make people laugh and to cause pleasant chaos wherever you go. You thrive on the energy that comes from other people reacting to you. You seek to be original, and your main thrill in life is distracting people from the mundane.

Australia’s very own Hamish Blake is the perfect example of a Jester personal brand.


You are at your best when you truly love and believe in what you’re doing. It’s in these moments you can use your charm and warm personality to connect with people. You’re driven by passion, beauty and luuuurve (duh!), and your Big Scary Goal is to make meaning in the world. You’re motivated by wanting to be adored and feel special. You continuously surround yourself with beauty because it brings you joy and peace.

Did you ever watch Sex and The City? If you’re a lover, Charlotte is likely to be your muse.


You’re at your best when you’re sharing your thoroughly researched information and deepening other people’s understanding of the world. You’re driven by a passionate search for wisdom, knowledge and truth. Your favourite things to do? Analyse and research everything. Your ideal afternoon includes a substantial chunk of free time and stack of peer-reviewed papers. Perfect.

Yoda is the most famous Sage in all the galaxies don’t you think?


You’re at your best when you’re sitting on your god damn throne, wearing your crown and holding court. Taking responsibility for things is your superpower. You’re motivated by the desire to lead, be in control and create an empire. Being respected and listened to are your primary goals in life, and you have the confidence and intelligence to back that up. How very royal of you.

One word: Oprah.


You are at your best when you’re fully immersed in creation mode. You love using your imagination and being engaged in non-linear thinking. You’re motivated by a deep yearning to express yourself, create things, bring ideas to life and to achieve the outcomes of whatever project you set for yourself. You love being surrounded by beautiful things, learning new skills and thinking outside the box.

A great example of a Creator is Zoe Foster Blake who kind of doesn’t do anything but create!

If you want to know which brand archetype you are, take our quiz.

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