Is your Brand

turning your ideal clients on,

or off?

If you suspect your business branding might have about as much appeal as a dude mansplaining feminism at you, we need to talk. 

I know what you REALLY want with your Brand is "The Oprah Effect".

You know, where you and your brand busts out on to the stage to uproarious applause and everyone cries because it looks so happy and fresh and SO YOU and basically your ideal clients are so besides themselves with excitement they basically lose their shit?


Babe. Don't worry. I'm here to tell you… YOU GET A CAR!!!*

*And by 'car' we mean access to our free branding workshop. Sorry for any confusion.

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You're invited to:

The Ultimate Brand Vibe & Vision Workshop

This is a laser focussed, essentials-only, diamond-encrusted 15-minute workshop where I take you through the absolute key points of building your brand so you can create "The Oprah Effect" in your own brand.

This workshop is for you if you are looking to create a greater impact and

be more Oprah.


Your brand is about to run into its ex-lover - how do you want it look? Like a bewildered, desperate garbage rat wearing a tutu? Or like a professional, focussed brand with a super clear mission and fantastic eyebrows? 

I think we both know the answer to that. Register now and I'll see you on the other side.


What We'll Cover:


How to identify your Oprah Factor

When you're clear on who you are and why you're extraordinary, life gets a whole lot louder - and by that, we mean more clients, more accolades and yes, more pings from your PayPal account.


How to play to your strengths and get you driving the right car

Oprah wouldn't drive a Lorry (though I am sure she would). 


Tools to get clear on where you want to get to

(so you can create a plan to keep you on track)

It's easy to end up running in circles when you are not super clear on your destination. 


Plus the difference between Your Brand and Visual Branding

(and why both are important).

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