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What do you want to be known for?

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One of the first things I ask my clients, and the first thing I talk about in my Free Mini Course “The Big Five” (get it here) is:

What do you want to be known for?

A lot of my clients really struggle with this, and to be honest so did I.  You can often feel like a total fraud if what you want to be known for is pretty far removed from where you are at now, or if it requires levelling up in a big way.  Often people feel kind of ashamed and embarrassed to admit that they want more, that they want to reach a lot of people, even that they want to be famous for what they do.

It’s ok to want to be famous.  It’s ok to want to make a lot of money.  It’s ok to want to be the fullest most amazing version of yourself.  Even if you live the most boring, mundane, mediocre life at the moment:  It’s ok to want more.  Even if you don’t go running around declaring it to the world (though I do recommend doing that!), at least declare it to yourself.

Just by putting it out there, knowing “what you want to be known’ for affects every aspect of your business.  All too often I see people go hung ho into a website design without knowing this.  And while its not impossible to go into the design process without knowing 100% what you want to be known for, you get much better results and much better clients if you do know.

Things to think about:  

  1. Profit.  What do you do that is profitable and not completely laborious.
  2. Ease.  What comes naturally?  What tasks make you feel like you are pushing bricks up a hill?
  3. Spark.  What makes you feel alive?  Connected to your client.  Connected to your reader.
  4. The future.  What do you want your future life to look like?  What kinds of people do you want to associate with and what kinds of events do you want to be involved in?

What knowing this gives you:

  • A reference point on what services to build your offerings around.  Trust me:  It’s no good doing things just because you make money – because eventually its going to kill you on the inside and you’ll hate your job and your clients.
  • A goal and a purpose.  You can now target your branding and your offerings, your blogging schedule and your brand.
  • Clarity – by deciding what you want to be known for, you also start to learn what you don’t want to be known for.  A lot of people start out doing what ever will pay the bills – this is definitely how I started out.  Try to move away from that. ASAP.

By knowing deep down what you want to be known for you are going to get off on the right foot for your website planning and designing.

My secret is to build a website for the woman and the business you want to be in 6-12 months, not for the business you have now as there can often be a bit of a disconnect between “the dream” and “the reality”.

In all honestly, often all it takes a some tweaking (and saying “No” to things that don’t light you up) to get you on the path to your ideal business.  The road to change is long and made by simple steps.  You just have to get out there and start walking that way!

So what do you want to be known for?  Does your current web presence support that vision?  If not, make some tweaks!  Start sharing content on Social Media that starts to align you with this person.  Start blogging about this topic.  Start attending events, joining online groups, developing programs or an opt in that supports this vision!

Tell me what you want to be known for in the comments below!

Find out more about defining what you want to be known for here in my free mini ecourse.

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