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What is a design “Mood board”?


The mood board is the first stage in the design process.

Think of it as a quick sketch (compared to a final masterpiece) to get an idea on the direction of the project.

You’ll be sent an artwork that has a collection of images, colours and fonts to get a vibe for your project.  Nothing is set in stone or final – it’s basically a check-in to see if we understood the overall vibe you wanted from the Design Meeting.

We hope to move through the Moodboard quickly so we can get into the nitty gritty and the specific details of your brand.

Tips for reviewing your Moodboard:

Focus on the overall vibe – don’t drill down into detail too much (we can kind the perfect shade of fuschia for you later in the process).

Feel into if it is TOO much or TOO little of anything…too colourful, too busy, too minimal, too playful etc.

Record us a loom and cover the following:

  • Photography choices – have the images we have chosen hit the right vibe for your brand.
  • Colour choices – is this generally the right palette or do you want to see more / less of something
  • Fonts – are the fonts chosen meeting your needs in terms of legibility and vibe?
  • Symbols / Patterns / Elements – are the little extra pieces something that you want to see more or less of.
  • Is the overall vibe what you had imagined, or if not – are you onboard with this interpretation?

You have lots of time to give notes on very specific elements later in the process as we dive in deeper to the other elements.

Remember:  the mood board is just a visual tool we use to get a “yes – go ahead”.  It’s NOT your brand set in stone forever and ever.  It’s just a first step so we can get moving on the real brand work.

Here are some mood board examples:

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