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So here we are.

It’s April already and we’re all still drowning in work, still behind on our to-do lists, still battling procrastination, still battling our caffeine addiction, and still promising ourselves that we’ll “start on Monday”. Oh, and the Trumpinator is still in power. I’m not trying to be negative here, I just wanted to point something out: 2017 is not exactly the shiny glossy unicorn we all anticipated it would be!


…At least it’s not yet.


At the start of the year, I saw so many biz owners do the same thing: declaring that this will be “their year”, getting all excited to decorate their vision board and plan their calendar (and buying out the whole of Office Works in the process)… only to get completely paralysed when it comes time to make *real* change.

Which means that by the end of April? Their good intentions have petered out, their old habits have crept back in, and it starts looking like the new year will be exactly the same as the last one. (Albeit with a giant orange buffoon running Planet Earth, but let’s not be pedantic here.)


I don’t want that for you. You’re better than that. 2017 deserves better than that. And it truly can be ‘your year’.


Buuuutttt – yes there’s a but, and it’s a great, big, important one! – but you have to take deliberate action if you want things to change.

Otherwise, before you know it, it’ll be January 2018 and you’ll be wondering the exact same things about your business:

  • Why can’t I attract the kind of clients I want?
  • How can I package up my services in a way that feels good for me and that’s irresistible to my customers?
  • How do I figure out which of my many passions to actually pursue in my business (rather than just half-assing things and getting nowhere)?
  • Should I switch to a personal brand or keep my business as it is?
  • How can I come up with and implement a new offering that doesn’t exhaust me, that my clients will love, and that fits my brand?
  • How the hell do I find the time to launch this product, leverage my energy, and build a business that’s sustainable?


If you’re currently stuck on a question like the above, NOW is the time to seek clarity, get to the bottom of what you should be doing, and make a finite, actionable plan.

And I want to help.

I’m opening up FIVE spots in my inhouse design team program to help biz owners like you figure out what the frick they need to do to ACTUALLY make 2017 the year that shit happens, and then to actually do it for you.

And as a bonus – I’ll give each of these five spots a free 60min Brand Clarity session tokick start your transformation (worth $395)!


As a brand strategist, I’ve worked behind the scenes on some of the most successful launches in the blogosphere, I’ve built some of the most recognizable brands in the biz, and I’ve helped design and develop products that have hit the seven-figure mark… So it’s safe to say, I know my stuff.

But more importantly than all that, I understand what it’s like to be one woman behind a laptop, trying to change her own small corner of the world, and feeling stuck and frustrated as to how to move forward.


Our Inhouse Design Team Program frees you up so you can get back to what you’re best at.

So instead of:


Here’s an example of what we can help you out with as your inhouse design team:

Drool worthy Insta Feeds | Landing Pages | eCourse Logos | eBooks | Social Media Branding | Newsletter Templates and Sequences | Sales Pages | Optin Pages | Pop Ups | eCourse Tweaks | Fillable PDFs | Designing and building interactive quizzes | Email challenges and other lead generation assets | Integrating and optimizing website plugins | Decreasing website loading speed | Social Media Graphics | Facebook Ads | Designing Upsell Offers… Just to name a few!


So if you’ve had enough of thinking and visioning, and are ready for real action…

If you know that you should be making a bigger impact (and income) but for the life of you, can’t get unstuck…

And if you’re serious about making 2017 the year you finally break through to the next level (without breaking your spirit in the process)…

This program is for you.


Wishing you clarity, confidence, and a Trump-free Easter,


P.S. Our schedule is pretty tight, which is why there are only 5 spots available. So if you’ve been craving the support of an expert design & development team (who can get all those biz tasks DONE for you, WHENEVER you need) please act swiftly to ensure you don’t miss out.

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